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  • Tim Parker
    General Manager

    Home Town: West Hartford CT
    MINI' Name: Flossy
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Jerry, (From Tom and Jerry)
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite TV Show: Top Gear
    Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
    Favorite Music: Hopeless stuck in the 90's Rocker
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Challenge Spoke Rims

  • Samuel Herman
    Sales Manager

    Home Town: Bergen, NY
    MINI' Name: Pac-Man
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Goofy
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
    Favorite Movie: A Night at the Roxbury
    Favorite Music: Beastie Boys
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: MINI Takes the States!

  • Chris O'Connell
    Business Manager

    Home Town: Rochester, NY

    MINI Name: Ahab

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Jonny Quest

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

    Favorite Movie: The Replacements

    Favorite Music: Dropkick Murphy's

    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Bulldog Stance

  • David Sajda
    Motoring Advisor & Assistant Sales Manager

    Home Town: Manchester, CT
    MINI' Name: Darth
    Favorite Cartoon Character: CatBug
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite TV Show: Sherlock
    Favorite Movie: Say Anything...
    Favorite Music: Indie/Alt
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Go-Kart Handling

  • Marc Schroth
    Motoring Advisor

    Home Town: Chicopee, MA
    MINI Name: Freddie
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Bullwinkle J. Moose
    Favorite Color: Yellow
    Favorite TV Show: Dukes of Hazzard
    Favorite Movie: Star Wars
    Favorite Music: Classic Rock and Country
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: John Cooper Works

  • Corrine Sisk
    Motoring Advisor
    (860) 240-7822

    Hometown - Waterford, CT
    MINI Name - Beatrice
    Favorite Cartoon Character - Rainbow Brite
    Favorite Color - Yellow
    Favorite Show - Arrested Development
    Favorite Movie - Cutting Edge
    Favorite Music - Dave Matthews Band
    Favorite MINI Thing - The MINI Wave

  • Gerry Garcia
    Service Manager

    Home Town:  Granby, CT

    MINI Name: Reggie

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Wile E Coyote

    Favorite MINI Color:  Melting Silver

    Favorite TV Show:  Billions

    Favorite Movie: Boiler Room

    Favorite Music:  90s Rap/Hiphop

    Favorite MINI Thing:  JCW GP

  • Antonio Sapata
    Service Advisor

    Home Town: Naugatuck

    MINI Name: Carrie

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Patrick Star

    Favorite Color:  Blue

    Favorite TV Show:  Wheeler Dealers

    Favorite Movie:  Italian Job (1969)

    Favorite Music: Anything 80's

    Favorite "MINI" thing: Diving Lights, Stripes

  • Bert Garcia
    Motoring Advisor

    Home Town:  Glastonbury, CT

    MINI Name: Carmen

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Stewie

    Favorite MINI Color:  Crimson

    Favorite TV Show:  Family Guy

    Favorite Movie: Austin Powers in Goldmember

    Favorite Music:  R&B

    Favorite MINI Thing: MINI Roofline

  • Ryan Micali
    Service Advisor

    Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

    MINI Name: A-Wing

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Bender

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite TV Show: South Park

    Favorite Movie: Star Wars

    Favorite Music: Trap

    Favorite MINI Thing: JCW

  • Craig Eckart
    Parts Specialist

    Home Town:  Southington

    MINI Name: Marvin

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Marvin the Martian

    Favorite Color:  Blue

    Favorite TV Show:  Star Trek The Next Generation

    Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    Favorite Music:  Modern Rock

    Favorite MINI Thing:  Whiptastic Handling

  • Josh Trifari
    Parts Advisor

    Home Town:  Windsor, CT

    MINI Name: Manny

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Patrick Star

    Favorite MINI Color:  Red

    Favorite TV Show:  Breaking Bad

    Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers

    Favorite Music:  Hiphop

    Favorite MINI Thing:  JCW

  • Marlon Greenwood

    Name: Marlon Greenwood
    Hometown: Hartford
    MINI Name: Jessey
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Reggae Shark
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Show: Empire
    Favorite Movie: Last Train to Gunhill
    Favorite Music: Sweet Freedom
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Dynamic Damper Control

  • Pedro Costa

    Name: Pedro Costa
    Hometown: Hartford
    MINI Name: Master Chief
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Stewie
    Favorite Color: Green
    Favorite Show: The Walking Dead
    Favorite Movie: Scarface
    Favorite Music: Almost Everything
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Go-Kart Handling

  • Osley Coke

    Home Town: Westfield CT
    MINI' Name: O.J.
    Favorite Cartoon Character: ?
    Favorite Color: Maroon
    Favorite TV Show: Top Gear
    Favorite Movie: IP Man
    Favorite Music: Reggae
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Superchargers

  • Jackson Hosking

    Home Town: West Hartford CT
    MINI' Name: Monkato, MN
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Bevis
    Favorite Color: British Racing Green
    Favorite TV Show: The Grand Tour
    Favorite Movie: Kingsman The Secret Service
    Favorite Music: Multiple Genres
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: The handling characteristics & their heritage 

  • Andres Avendano

    Home Town:  Bristol, CT

    MINI Name: Dre

    Favorite Cartoon Character: Master Yoda

    Favorite MINI Color:  Moonlight Grey

    Favorite TV Show:  Attack on Titan

    Favorite Movie:  The Boy and the Beast

    Favorite Music:  Kotoko

    Favorite MINI Thing: Cup holders designed for high speed cornering

  • Mark Pinto

    Hometown: Hartford, CT 
    MINI Name: 550 
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Solaris Orange Metalic
    Favorite Show: Seal Team
    Favorite Movie: Scarface
    Favorite Music: Dancehall
    Favorite "MINI" Thing: Twin Turbo


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